Cambridge Boxing Club

Head Coach
Gary Davidson Junior

We welcome anyone in a completely multi-racial, non discriminative environment where skilled boxing coaches will enable to achieve the very best potential in the world of Amateur Boxing. Females as well as males welcome.

Boxing is a sport that has psychosocial benefits both for being a sporting discipline and is particularly good at attracting children and young people in situations of social vulnerability, who consider that their own life is a constant battle that they must fight in order to obtain something.

Each step in boxing, beginning with training, generates a positive psychological and social impact on those who practice it offering opportunities to be part of a group or community that has the same interests and to be considered part of a family.

Hand in hand with the above comes the opportunity to feel valued, appreciated and respected, especially for those individuals who are trying to be reinserted into society, because many of them consider boxing as a means by which they can turn their lives around and thus transcend all the difficult circumstances from the past.

Boxing is a sport that fosters discipline and engages individuals with goals they once considered difficult to achieve, both in and out of the ring, becoming an occupational therapy in which they work on concentration, self-confidence, self-determination, disconnect from overwhelming problems, and move away from risky behaviors and violence.

The naive will comment, “boxing promotes violence”, however it is quite the opposite. Boxing allows the athlete to maintain control in situations of pressure and tension, since the anger and aggressiveness is redirected to training.

Additionally, it is an opportunity to develop life skills such as relationships and enjoying a positive interaction with others in familiar spaces or new environments; communication to express and receive information correctly with others through assertiveness and respect; obedience to follow and comply with orders or standard behaviors that allow coexistence, collaboration and participation in society; and last but not least, resilience to overcome difficult situations with the conviction that better times will come and then, better conditions.