Albion Boxing Club


Covid 19 - Class Rules During 

To and from your class

  • Any access to Albion building requires a face mask
  • Please arrive for the class no more than 5 minutes before the start time. Access is through the main entrance and please wait in the stairway abiding by the 2metre social distancing rules. The Albion Coach will let you know when you can enter.
  • There are no allocated area for getting changed or hanging bags/coats. Please come to your class ready and prepared in you work out attire.
  • All members must bring their own equipment. This includes: a water bottle, small towel, skipping rope, hand wraps and boxing gloves. Please keep these items in a small bag which must stay with you at all times. Including when you move between stations.
  • All monies and / or memberships-details-papers, must be handed to your Albion Coach upon arrival at the door to the main gym. Access will be denied if class fees are not paid before the session starts. Please note that in addition to class fees, all members must ensure they have paid their £40 annual membership fee.
  • Toilet access can only be granted once you are inside the gym and training at stations 3 and 4. Not before, after or during another class taking place.
  • There is only one exit, which is through the back door by stations1 and 8 down the steps, through the garden and then the car park.

During Your Class

  • All classes will be a duration of 1 hour.
  • There are up to 14 stations that members will move around in a circuit format.
  • Each class will have a maximum of 14 people and they will be the same people each time – a class bubble.
  • Once in the gym, your Albion Coach will allocate you a station to stand at and take position.
  • At your starting station, you can put on hand wraps before your Albion Coach will take you through your warm-up.
  • Please stay at your station until your Albion Coach has instructed you to move to the next. Cleaning supplies are provided on the stations that require wiping down after you exercise and before you move to your next station. To ensure equipment remains sanitised.
  • As you move between stations, please be mindful of maintaining social distancing from other participants. You must take your small bag and belongings (including any rubbish/empty bottles) with you to each station.
  • You can only access the toilet facilities when you are training at stations 3 and 4.
  • Near the end of the session, your Albion coach will take you through your stretch session at your final training station.
  • When the class has finished, members will leave the gym one station at a time, through the doors by station 1 and 8.
  • A bin is provided for ant empty water bottles or rubbish, as you exit the building.

Albion Boxing Club

Tel: 07711 209298

144 Cherry Hinton Road, Cambridge, CB1 7AJ